Seven Wishes Charm Bracelets

Peace Love Earth's Seven Wishes Bracelets Help Positive Change Makers Focus On and Manifest Their Goals and Dreams. Lead-Free Pewter and Hemp String on a Recycled and Multipurpose Card. Seven Wishes Peace Bracelet - Peace is Possible. We Can Create Peace In The World By First Finding It In Ourselves. Seven Wishes Beauty (Flower Charm) Bracelet Beauty Is All Around You And IS You. Embrace Nature. You Are A Part Of It And All Its Beauty. Seven Wishes Earth Bracelet - Earth: It Is Where We All Live, Where We All Call Home- Every Race, Every Species. We Are All Floating In Space Together. Available in Grass and Ocean. Seven Wishes Love (Heart Charm) Bracelet - Love Is The Answer. Live Your Life By Embracing Your Heart's Desires: To Love and Be Loved. Available in Ultra Violet and Flame Red. Seven Wishes Peace Bracelet - Peace is Possible. We Can Create Peace In The World By First Finding It In Ourselves.



Who and How To Use them?

  • Couples for setting goals together - great bonding experience
  • Adults looking to set intentions to improve their life
  • Fashion statements
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Goal setting
  • Organizations using them as team building tools
  • Individuals and friends
  • Your Idea Here

What Are They?

  • It's a helpful tool, an interactive experience, and a fashion statement all in one bracelet
  • The charms represent Peace, Love, Earth and Beauty- We believe these are the most important things to focus on in life.
  • Colorful eco hemp string make each Seven Wishes Bracelet unique
  • High quality charms made from lead free recycled pewter
  • Unique eco packaging that folds up origami style, which makes them great to keep in your wallet and a nice ritual when opening them back up to read what you have written.
  • The knots on the string can be used like meditation beads, by rubbing each one and reminding yourself of what it represents.

What Makes Them Eco-Friendly?

  • Manufactured by Annatarian® Eco-Couture
  • Made from eco-friendly materials and packaging
  • Hand made in Los Angeles, California

How Can They Help?

  • They are Interactive, Inspiring, Intentional
  • Helps you manifest your Goals and Dreams- Positive Thoughts Equal Positive Outcomes- Nothing is Impossible!
  • Use it with your friends, family and at work as a unifying tool.
  • Part of the proceeds go to various eco, animal, and humanitarian charities.

Designed to Inspire Positive Change.
The Seven Wishes Bracelet® will Help You Be Your Best.
Remind Yourself of Your Goals and Dreams With The Help Of the Seven Wishes Bracelet®

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