California Couple Creates A Tool for Positive Change
Los Angeles - PeaceLoveEarth® is an eco jewelry line that has created the Seven Wishes Bracelet, which is used as a tool for positive change.

With the groundbreaking grassroots involvement of millions of Americans in the 2008 Presidential Election, America has reached a tipping point - standing on the sidelines waiting for change to happen is no longer an option. Barack Obama has made Gandhi's words mainstream, "be the change you seek in the world", as well as the Native American statement "we are the ones we've been waiting for". Hillary Clinton is talking about "positive change" and Oprah Winfrey has been cultivating the masses by teaching that "thoughts are things" and that change is possible through changing our thoughts. PeaceLoveEarth's® founders Anna Mkhitarian and Daniel Leighton have been building a business based on this paradigm since 2001, and they see a major shift in people's awareness these past few years.

"People, more than ever, understand that they have a significant role in the world, in society, in their relationships, and even more significantly, with their own selves." says Leighton. Mkhitarian believes it is evident, with the election of Barack Obama, the worldwide embrace of the eco movement and more awareness about human rights and animal rights, that the positive change movement is here. She says, "we, as the human race, are more open to expanding our ideas to encompass what we have learned through history, as well as what we've learned in recent times. We are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, not just the ones we are directly related to, but all of the leaders that have inspired us with their courage and wisdom. We are also at a point in time where light has shined so brightly on so many inadequacies in human existence, that people can no longer justify living in the same manner."

The creation of the Seven Wishes Bracelet is a melding of the couple's convictions and vision of a stylish product that is eco friendly, is an interactive tool to assist in the not so simple task of making positive changes, and one that benefits the people making them, the wearer, as well as various social causes.

Since he was a young boy, Leighton's mother (Carolyn Leighton, founder of Women In Technology International-WITI) taught him that one of the goals of a business that many organizations ignored was to create as many "win-win" situations as possible. "All of our products are designed with this in mind," says Leighton, "The Seven Wishes Bracelet benefits the person who wears it, the environment and people around the world through organizations focused on creating positive change. And, of course, everyone whose life is a little better or has a little more hope creates a ripple effect of positive change throughout the world."

Mkhitarian's background (her parents are Armenian immigrants) was also a large factor in the creation of the bracelet, "one of my favorite Armenian traditions has always been the string bracelet because of the hope and the possibilities and the idea that at any point you can choose to create a better life for yourself and the world around you. Since we created this product, we have discovered through our customers, that there are similar traditions in many other cultures including Ireland, Brazil, Spain, India, and many others."

Mkhitarian describes how it works, "you tie seven knots in the string of the bracelet each representing a resolution, intention, affirmation, prayer, -goal or wish. As you tie the knots, you write down what each knot represents. This way you can go back and read them and even memorize what each knot stands for. You wear it until it falls off on its own. Until it falls off, you have a constant reminder of all the things you are working toward every time you look at the knots. It also comes in handy when negative thoughts or habits come up and when you want that extra boost. When it does fall off, tradition says that your wishes will manifest and you are ready for your next phase in positive growth." People have been wearing the bracelets for setting personal resolutions, as well as in wedding ceremonies, team sports, and business building among coworkers. Kids love them as well. "They are a great way to teach children about setting and attaining their goals," Mkhitarian says.

For its newest bracelet, PeaceLoveEarth® has partnered with CARE International, a non-profit organization founded in 1945, that helps women in poverty around the world. The special edition CARE bracelet, features a hand charm with a heart in the center and the word "CARE" on the back. The charm symbolizes the importance woman's work around the world, and the love that each individual can give. 25% of the $30 retail price goes to CARE. Other Seven Wishes charms include a peace sign, a heart, the earth and a flower. Double charms are also available, like "World Peace" which features an earth charm and peace charm. Each comes in a peace sealed recycled paper box. Made locally in Los Angeles California. PeaceLoveEarth® jewelry has been featured on The View, The Style Network, ABC Chicago, NBC LA, The LA Times, Miami Herald, Marie Claire and many other media outlets. It is available for purchase on the Web site and in various boutiques around the US.

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